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Edge Harley-Davidson closing shop after a decade in Lloydminster

After serving motorcycle enthusiasts for over ten years, one of Lloydminster’s motorcycle dealerships is closing up shop by the end of October.

Co-owners of Edge Harley-Davidson Clint and Beatriz Rabb have ended their partnership as with the company. Rabb says the company is restructuring and the two have come to terms on parting ways.

Rabb says they were off to good start in January and had a promising year with many customers coming in from both provinces either buying motorcycles or ordering parts. As the year progressed, they like many businesses started to see a slowdown.

“Ultimately, the reason for closing wasn’t because of that. The reason for closing was the direction and the dealing with Harley-Davidson and our partnership.”

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After so many years in the community, Rabb says many of the customers became like friends and having to share the news of the closure has been disheartening.

“After so many years of being a big part of the community, it’s disappointing. We did what we could to help wherever we could with events, but we understand that things have gotten tough and everybody’s hurting.”

With the store closing, one of the Borders City’s biggest fundraisers, the Bordertown Harley Owners Group Toy Run, could also be going with it.

“When Edge Harley-Davidson is no longer around neither will the Bordertown HOG. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but it’ll probably have to be taken on privately by some other companies or other group.”

Rabb says it’s still to early to know what they will be doing once everything packaged away and the store is closed.

“This is fairly new so we’re trying to understand what we’re going to do in the future, what Beatriz is going to do, what I’m going to do or the direction we’re going to go in. That’s all stuff we need to look at.”

In the meantime, the store will begin winding down while continuing to take customers orders for new parts and servicing ahead of the date.

“We want to thank the community for supporting us in the last ten and a half years and welcoming us into the community the way they have. It’s unfortunate we’re having to go out this way.”

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