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Border City Connects Plays It Forward

Border City Connects is looking for 44 players for its first annual Play It Forward 12-hour charity Hockey Game.

The group is raising funds for a new wheel chair lift assist van to continue the 1000’s of trips it provides each year to the community. The price tag is $115,000 and with available grants of $50,000, the group says they will still need to raise the remaining $65,000 to reach the target.

Each player will need to raise at least $500 to participate. Organizers are encouraging those who sign up to raise more.

Aaron Buckingham, Business Development manager with Border City Connects expresses his concerns about the need to raise the funds.

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“So if we don’t raise that money and get this new van purchased, there are all those people that are mobility challenged in Lloydminster that may see a decrease in service or their ability to be out. So it’s very important that we have this game and everybody comes out and has a good time and we find some success in it.”

March 1st is the deadline to submit a player waiver form as organizers need this for game insurance.

Buckingham explains that of the 12 hours each player will actually be playing for 6 hours.

“So we are going to have four teams of ten. The first two teams will play for two hours. Then the next two teams will come on. The goals will be cumulative, so there will be two teams of Team White and two teams of Team Blue and the goals will be cumulative throughout the day.”

He quips that players don’t have to be an NHL calibre hockey player, as in Lloydminster what’s called “noon-hour hockey league” will suffice. Everyone who wants to play 18-years and older is welcomed to sign up, he adds.

He says the players will then be collecting the donation sponsorships in the community. Admission on April 29th at the Civic Centre will be by donation. The Lloydminster Bobcats will be doing all concessions, with proceeds going to the Bobcats.

Buckingham says another community fundraiser, the Lloydminster Community 50/50 will do their monthly draw live at the end of the game. They will also be selling their 50/50 tickets during the game. That 50/50 raises funds for Border City Connects, as well as the Lloydminster Region Health Foundation and the Lloydminster Rescue Squad and the Olive Tree.

Buckingham adds they are still looking for sponsors including the sponsor for the jerseys for the players.

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