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Saskatchewan’s minimum age of 19 for cannabis consumption doesn’t surprise Mayor Aalbers

The Saskatchewan Government says the minimum age for consuming marijuana will be 19-years old after releasing their cannabis framework.

Mayor Gerald Aalbers says that he isn’t surprised by the new marijuana legislation, especially with the minimum age requirements.

“The Government of Saskatchewan did follow what they had in place with alcohol and we saw that was a potential that they may follow the same. I think that from the information they provided no real surprises, it was just we needed to see it officially before the City can move forward on bylaw preparation.”

Aalbers adds that the City can’t override provincial legislation, so like alcohol Lloydminster will have two sets of rules to follow when it comes to consuming and purchasing marijuana.

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The province released its complete cannabis framework Wednesday making it the last province to do so. Regulations include a limit of four plant per household, a limit of 30 grams of marijuana per user and having zero tolerance for drug-impaired drivers.

In terms of retail licences, the Alberta Government is allowing 250 retail permits to be available in the first year. However, under Saskatchewan legislation, Lloydminster will receive two retail permits. Aalbers says the only limitation to opening a retail business in the City is on the Saskatchewan side.

“If people want to apply to the Government of Alberta and  meet all the qualifications then they’ll be able to see our bylaws that will be forthcoming and determine if they’re interested in opening a business in the community they’ll be able to pursue that opportunity.”

The City is currently undergoing discussions for their marijuana bylaws.


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