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52 per cent of Alberta residents admit to speeding: Survey

Alberta Traffic Sheriffs are reminding drivers to take a breath and slow down.

A 2017 Alberta Motor Association survey says that 82 per cent of respondents agreed that speeding on residential roads is never acceptable, however 52 per cent admit to doing it anyway. Owner of Border City Driver Training Ron Courtepatte says that people are in a hurry for no reason when they decide to speed.

“It’s not going to get them to where they’re going any faster so there’s no point and when you’re speeding you’re taking your life in your hands, as well as the people around you.”

According to Alberta RCMP, increasing your speed from 100 km/h to 120 km/h over a 25 km stretch will only save you two minutes, meanwhile the increase in speed will almost double the likelihood of someone being involved in a fatal collision. Courtepatte says that people lose control when they speed, especially when coming to a complete stop.

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“Well the biggest thing is stopping. You have a 1.5 seconds reaction and perception time, so by the time you see that in that 1.5 seconds you’ve gone quite a distance.”

In 2017, a total of 220, 855 speeding violations were issued by Alberta Mounties.

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