About $620 was raised for the Lloydminster & District SPCA through this year’s Cat Brewery.  The annual event brings craft beer and cat enthusiasts together at 4th Meridian Brewing Company.

The SPCA brought sociable cats available for adoption to the microbrewery. TJ’s Pizza provided donated five extra-large pizzas while residents enjoyed beverages and playtime with the cats. SPCA Community outreach manager, Becca Lawrence, says the event was lots of fun and it’s great to see the community enjoy cats as much as she does.

“I love cats, and I love when I see other people enjoy them too. It’s funny when you see all these big tough looking guys cuddling with kitties. It’s a nice feeling going in there, and seeing all these cat lovers coming in to hang out,” says Lawrence.

One cat found a home and the Lawrence confirms there’s interest in a few others. The event may become more common in the months to come. Lawrence says she’s open to having it a bit more often than once a year, perhaps twice or a few times, and seeing how it works. She adds that staff at the brewery are quite happy to have some feline friends over.

“They’re full of smiles when we go in there, so it’s really nice they want to put on these events for us.”