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Legacy Centre dance program receives donation from 100 Men Lloydminster

The Lloydminster Senior Citizens Society can dance the days away thanks to a donation made by the 100 Men Lloydminster group.

The group held their final gathering of the year on December 3 and heard from the Legacy Centre and the Vic Juba Community Theatre. By the end of the night, the Legacy Centre was the chosen organization to receive an initial amount of $4,400. 

Legacy Centre Administrator and Recreation Coordinator Carrie Pollard says the funding will go towards paying for bands to come in for their dances which are held once a month.

“We’ve always had live bands from day one and they’ve always been locals playing a lot of old-time country music that a lot of the older seniors enjoy dancing to. A lot of the local bands are getting older and they’re dwindling so we’re going to have to start hiring other bands outside of the city.”

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Pollard says the donation will pay the band for their work as well as their travel and lodging. She says there are 375 members registered in the Lloydminster Senior Citizens Society which runs out of the Legacy Centre. 

The society provides programs and activities such as the dances for the elderly in the city.

“We’re very happy to have gotten the funding and [the 100 Men club members] are welcome to come whether they’re senior or not.”

The 100 Men Lloydminster group is made up of community members who each donate $100 at their meetings held every three months. The group will continue to collect money from their members over the next nine days to add towards the donation.

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