Pioneer Lodge is the latest benficiary of 100 Men Lloydminster.

The group met in the evening of Tuesday, December 1, at the Hampton Inn and Suites, hearing pitches for from both Pioneer Lodge, and Citizens on Patrol for why they deserved the funds. The group then conducted a secret ballot on who should receive funds, and chose the lodge as the recipient.

The group collected $8,200 at the meeting, but co-founder Rob Anderson says more donations will come in from members who were unable to attend. The lodge says the money will be used for renovations to the washrooms of their Atrium suites.

“We are going to install walk in showers, high rise toilets, new sinks and flooring,” said Karen Stenger, Recreation Coordinator at the lodge. “It’s heartening that the community feels that looking to benefit Seniors is important.  These renovations will be so beneficial to the quality of life for the residents of the lodge.  They will be able to maintain a feeling of independence and a sense of dignity.”

To date, 100 Men has given $18,900 to local charities.