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LloydFirst boxes sell out in support of local businesses, charities

The brainchild of a local dentist has raised thousands for the Olive Tree, all while putting out a holiday gift designed to support businesses in the community.

Dr. Nekky Jamal, the owner of Wayside Dental Centre, has been working over the last month with Brixton Shoes and Think Lloyd First to create gift baskets full of treats, called LloydFirst Boxes from local businesses. The items are meant to showcase the quality and diversity of these shops.

In it was coffee from Prairie Lily Coffee Roasters, craft beer from 4th Meridian Brewing Company, caramel popcorn from Soup Du Jar, honey from Buzz About the Hive, Secret Sauce from Spiro’s and homemade jam from Acton’s Lower Shannon Farms.

Boxes sold out within hours of being announced, and Jamal says he was thrilled to see so many people checking out what local groups have to offer, which in turn will help the entire community thrive.

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“It’s all about local community, and the amazing products and entrepreneurs we have. I’m sure we’ve all heard [it said] that when we buy things online and they go from other areas from across North America, they don’t support your local community. So when you do buy things, like when you do buy Spiro’s Sauce or you do buy coffee from someone local, that goes right back into the community.”

The LloydFirst gift boxes were not just a way to get the word out about local businesses. All proceeds from them were donated to the Olive Tree. In total, they raised around $8,000, which will go right back into community foodbank and meal programs.

Jamal says he and his team have and will continue to strongly support the Olive Tree, as organizations have not only helped him in the past, but many others as well.

“Those places are so important in our community because they provide the necessities of life, and just to be able to help with that means a lot to me, and I’m so proud that they’re in our community, and that they do so much good. So to have every single cent of these boxes go right back into the community really makes me proud.”

Due to the high demand for the LloydFirst boxes, Jamal explains they’re working with vendors to get all the products to buyers, and as such, they will limit this run to just the boxes sold for this year.

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