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Simple Science Episode I-Why’s my coffee cold?


I aim to teach you mundane/unremarkable things POORLY because a day you don’t learn is a day WASTED!

For Example:  Two sips into my FRESHLY brewed coffee and it’s ALREADY lukewarm…WHY?! 

The answer lies in evaporation and decreasing energy. As the water molecules evaporate, they’re leaving behind molecules with less energy which equals less heat.

Simple solutions include using an insulated mug OR covering your coffee with a lid to prevent that heat from escaping!

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You could also just chug the hell out of it so it won’t have a chance to cool off…

If you’ve got some suggestions on what I should cover on SIMPLE SCIENCE-call me (780) 875-1061.

Until next time-stay smart! -“Professor” Pruski.

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