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Update: Lloydminster Hospital Still Dealing With Flooding Aftermath

The Lloydminster Hospital is still dealing with issues stemming from flooding two weeks ago. Duct work needs to be replaced, but the Hospital is planning on installing temporary duct work to connect to the in-hospital heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. For the next couple of weeks, they will be using five temporary air cooling units.

“We are expecting the HVAC system to be able to be returned to operation in the next few days,” says Derek Miller, PNHR VP of Finance and Operations. “Once test results clear it for operation to deliver a clean, safe air supply, we will turn the system back on and connect temporary ducting to it to deliver air to most areas of the hospital.”

He adds, “this will allow us to one by one release our current dependence on the five exterior temporary air cooling units that have been installed since the in-house HVAC system went down.”

Miller goes on to say, “reconnection to the regular system will better control air temperature and quality during the summer months ahead, and will eliminate the noise from the temporary units.”

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However, Miller says that complete return to normal functioning of the HVAC system is still about two months away.

“Disconnection and bypass of the damaged underground ducts has begun, and preparation is underway for installation of new ducting in the hospital’s crawl space. The necessary supplies and equipment have been ordered and are anticipated to arrive within the next two weeks.”

Right now, the priority for the hospital is to restore service to the third operating theatre located on the second floor of Lloydminster Hospital. This is where elective minor procedures are usually preformed, which includes:

  • cataract removal
  • removal of skin lesions
  • skin biopsies
  • other procedures

Until July 10th, these procedures have been postponed.

“We apologize for any inconvenience the postponements may cause,” says Miller.

The Hospital says procedures are being rescheduled to be done as soon as possible.


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