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Rosemarie Falk Entering Conservative Nomination Race for Battlefords-Lloydminster Seat

With the Battlefords-Lloydminster seat now vacant in the House of Commons, Rosemarie Falk is entering into the race for the Conservative Party of Canada’s nomination.

Falk has been a life-long resident of Lloydminster. She has worked as a social worker and as a legal assistant in the Border City. Recently, Falk worked as a Legislative Assistant for Conservative Member of Parliament Arnold Viersen.

“I believe that with my experience and my knowledge both politically but also professionally as a social worker and my experience as a mother will bring a lot to the table to represent the constituents of Battlefords-Lloydminster,” says Falk.

If she were to receive the nomination and be elected Falk says she has a few issues she would be looking to focus on.

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“I know that I can champion the energy sector and we know that the energy sector employs many of the region’s residents and its taken a hard hit lately. I also know and believe my experience and knowledge as a social worker and my person experience as a mother gives me the unique ability to be able to have a clear voice and speak on those specific needs of youth and seniors in our area.”

She adds, “I totally believe that small businesses are the backbones to our economy, our Canadian economy and they’ve taken a hard hit, so I do believe we need an active voice, an efficient voice and an effective voice in Ottawa on that.”

Falk also says she would continue to oppose the carbon tax and support families.

“We need resources for parents today and to support the families, because those parents today are raising the leaders of tomorrow. We just need to have those tools and resources available for them so they can have healthy happy families.”

Falk also encourages everyone who wants to have a say, to become a member of the Conservative Party in order to be able to vote. A date for the nomination meeting has not yet been set. Aron Klassen has also announced he will be running for the Conservative nomination.

The Speaker received official notice that MP Gerry Ritz is retiring earlier this month.  The Prime Minister must announce a date for the by-election between October 14, 2017, and April 1, 2018.

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