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Lloydminster RCMP warning to keep an eye out for fake money

The Lloydminster RCMP is warning residents to be vigilant for fake Canadian money.

A Lloydminster resident posted online Wednesday that she had received a $100 bill(pictured above) which is believed to be fake. Lloydminster RMCP Grant Kirzinger says that this is the not the first or last time they’ve seen fake bills in Lloydminster in all denominations. There are distinct ways to spot fake money that residents should watch for, he says.

“The security stripe with the clear plastic window is very difficult to forge, and you’ll actually see individuals cut strips out of five dollar bills and try to add a zero and make it a fifty dollar bill. You’ll also see fake bills that have a different type of paper weight. There’s a lot of different security features that make it easy for us to spot.”

Retailers or people who receive a fake Canadian note should turn it over to the police as soon as possible.

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“The best thing to do is report it to us with as much information as you can. If it was at a business, date, time, if you have video of the individual that would have dropped off the bill. If you receive one back as a customer, just bring it in and say ‘hey, this is where I got it from.’ Unfortunately you’re out the money, but it’s very important for us to  track down the origins of these bills.”

Kirzinger says that fake bills have a large negative impact on the Canadian economy, and the RCMP continues to address forged money as a priority.

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