RCMP is reminding businesses about prevention in order to reduce transactions with counterfeit cash.

The Lloydminster RCMP released a statement Thursday saying they have recently seized fake cash that was used at a local business. Each bill has security features that should be checked before accepted to ensure they aren’t counterfeit.

The feature is an easy process that requires you to touch the bill, look at it and flip it. The RCMP says you should verify two security features before accepting the bill. You can compare the cash with the one you know is genuine.

If you suspect a bill to be fake, the RCMP suggest you refuse and explain to the customer that it may be counterfeit. You should also ask for a different bill, advise the person to check with the police and inform the RCMP yourself.

If a fake bill was already received you should keep a record of information including the denomination and serial number. Information such as the time and a description of the customer should be given to the local police.