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Dance studio keeping people moving at home during COVID quarantines

A local dance studio is looking to keep bodies and spirits up and running during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fame Dance Studios has spent much of the coronavirus quarantines doing their classes online. The classes have been moving ahead through Facebook videos, online chats and printable worksheets. The studio’s goal is to keep lessons going for people dancing for fun and dancing professionally so that there’s no lapse in their training.

Studio director Sarah Makins says these classes help people not only maintain goals and wellness but allows people, young and old, to express their feelings through the art of dance.

“Parents are saying some of their kids are just so bored, just please, we need an activity. So what they’ve done is, they’ve at home made their own little dance studios. They’ve put up some practice charts. I’m just so proud of everyone digging in so hard.”

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In addition to helping their own students keep dancing, the studio has been working to get people outside the studio classes moving. Makins says that they’ve been working to make public classes, keeping them as “low tech” and accessible as possible.

“The general public is more than welcome to join us. All they have to do is text my number and say ‘Hi, I’d to be added to one of your WhatsApp chats, for your dance at home classes.’ And we’d love to add them.”

People interested can get in touch or find studio information through Fame Dance’s Facebook page.

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