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Métis Nation of Saskatchewan opens applications for federal business stimulus

The Métis Nation of Saskatchewan has begun the process of dispersing federal funding to Métis-owned businesses.

Ottawa recently announced that $306.8 Million would be given out across Canada to ease the financial burden of the COVID-19 pandemic on Indigenous and Métis businesses.

As a result, the MN-S can now give up to $40,000 through emergency short-term, interest-free loans and nonrepayable contributions to the approximately 1,255 Métis businesses across Saskatchewan, including those in the Lloydminster area.

MN-S President Glen McCallum says that the contributions will provide a lot of relief to many diverse industries.

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“Some of our folks are in the food business, tourism, retail service and the natural resources sector. So there’s a lot of things. Even Natural Resource sectors- if you look at the mining industry- they’re shut down. Some of my kids work in the mining industry. They’re stuck at home. It affects quite a few people in business, so this comes very handy and at the right time.”

Métis companies needing the funding can begin the application process through the SaskMetis Economic Development Corporation.

“You’ve got to fill out your application. The dollars are there already.” McCallum says, “You’re a business person, you fill out that application, it takes time to get the application to the office, and once it gets there, the process starts.”

SMEDCO applications can be started over the phone at 306-477-4350 or online.

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