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Marilyn Napper wins big through Lloyd Exh “Chase the Ace”

Marilyn Napper has taken home the big prize from the Lloydminster Exhibition Association’s Chase The Ace. 

The event, which has been ongoing since June, had players buy the tickets, which contributed to the pot. That pot would be carried over from week to week until someone drew the Ace of Hearts. Each week, the card that wasn’t the ace was taken out of the deck, increasing the odds.  On Wednesday the 22nd, the fifth week of the Chase The Ace, Napper hit the Ace of Hearts and took home $3,214.

Exhibition Finance Manager Stacy Cadzow says the fundraiser raised around $6,000 for their organization, which will go towards them expanding, including the possibility of a building new additions to the Exh grounds, should the Lloydminster Exh board decide to do that.

“Currently the money is going to be used for purchasing the land next to us, and some operational costs to keep us running. We’re going to continue on and work towards those goals.”

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The Lloydminster Exhibition is currently in the planning stages of a new Chase the Ace. Cadzow says that they want to do another because this Chase the Ace ended earlier than expected. The team is currently in the logistical stage of arranging another Chase the Ace with the SLGA, which may be announced the coming weeks. Cadzow adds that they are thankful for the community support the event saw over the past weeks.

“We’ve had a lot of good support from a lot of people, and we hope for the future that we can get a lot more support from Lloydminster and community, and just keep working at this.”

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