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Official results for Lloydminster election shows 15 per cent voter turnout

The official results of the 2020 municipal election were released showing 3,035 out of 20,000 eligible voters filled out their ballots on November 9.

According to the results, voter turnout was estimated at 15 per cent of voters, which is about half of the count in 2016 and five per cent more than in 2012. A total of 22,572 votes were cast for city council and LPSD board trustees candidates.

“Obviously, we would like to see a higher voter turnout, but we’ll take what we get,” Returning Officer Doug Rodwell says. “We encourage everybody to exercise their right and privilege to vote and it’s their right and privilege not to as well.”

Rodwell adds there were no issues when it came to election day and says voters were pleased with the low waiting times. The drive-thru polling stations we’re cancelled due to weather conditions, but Rodwell says it is an option they will look at again in the next election.

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Other changes made this election were the increased amounts of advance polling options.

“When we set our advance polls we did more advance polls than we would have normally done. We did that in response to COVID and give people the opportunity for voters to attend in a less crowded environment and spread out the voting opportunities for individuals to cast their ballots.”

All councillors who ran for re-election were able to retain their seat and are joined by former councillor Jason Whiting and newcomer Lorelee Marin. Councillors will be sworn in during a private ceremony on November 16 and will have their first meeting on November 23.

Melanie Mutter, Georgina Veltikold and Viren Tailor were elected for their first term as the LPSD Board Trustees and will the four incumbents will also be returning to the board.

Breakdown of votes at each polling station

Advance polls – 1,439 votes

Mail-in ballots – 20 votes

Servus Sports Centre Mike’s Oilfield Fieldhouse – 516 votes

Servus Sports Centre Remax Fieldhouse – 345 votes

Wild Rose Pavilion – 218 votes

City Hall – 497 votes

Official city council results

Jonathan Torresan – 1,804 votes, 11.5 per cent, Elected

Aaron Buckingham – 1,755 votes, 11.2 per cent, Elected

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Michael Diachuk – 1,594 votes, 10.2 per cent, Elected

Glenn Fagnan – 1,556 votes, 9.9 per cent, Elected

Lorelee Marin – 1,443 votes, 9.2 per cent, Elected

Jason Whiting – 1,395 votes, 8.9 per cent, Elected

Sheldon Weinrauch – 1,041 votes, 6.6 per cent

Dean Segberg – 748 votes, 4.8 per cent

Chris Carnell – 590 votes, 3.8 per cent

Darrell Dunn – 567 votes, 3.6 per cent

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Bill King – 562 votes, 3.6 per cent

Rhiannon Greening – 528 votes, 3.4 per cent

Shawn Davidson – 511 votes, 3.3 per cent

Cheryl Ross – 438 votes, 2.8 per cent

Charles Balenga – 335 votes, 2.1 per cent

Sandy Barrett – 305 votes, 1.9 per cent

Aftab Arif – 268 votes, 1.7 per cent

Satish Patel – 239 votes, 1.5 per cent

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Official LPSD Board Trustee results

Melanie Mutter – 1,114 votes, 16.2 per cent, Elected

Karoline Kennedy – 1,028 votes, 14.9 per cent, Elected

David Thompson – 942 votes, 13.7 per cent, Elected

Cathy Cornet – 905 votes, 13.1 per cent, Elected

Georgina Veltikold – 838 votes, 12.2 per cent, Elected

Viren Tailor – 770 votes, 11.2 per cent, Elected

Chrissy Gee – 693 votes, 10.1 per cent, Elected

Asad Gavahi Kashani – 603 votes, 8.7 per cent

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