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Maidstone RCMP thanks public for tips after three-person arrest

The Maidstone RCMP is thanking the public for their tips after a suspicious vehicle investigation resulted in charges for three suspects.

Just after 8 PM on September 10th, officers responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle in the area. Their investigation determined that two vehicles they came upon, a white car and a grey SUV, were both stolen.

RCMP stopped the driver of the car and the suspect behind the wheel was arrested. The SUV took off at high speeds after officers tried to pull that one over too.

During the search for that SUV, police were tipped off that a man had filled a jerry can of gas at a store, and left it on the sidewalk for the suspect, who picked it up before taking off again. At that time, police arrested the man who left the jerry can there.

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The passenger in the SUV was later seen walking, still in Maidstone, and arrested.

Three people have been charged thus far. Gabrielle Bell, 24, of Onion Lake, has been accused of alleged possession of stolen property, identify fraud and breaching a release order.

Along with her, 34-year-old Jeffery Gervais of Maidstone has been charged with alleged possession of stolen property and obstruction. 27-year-old Steven Vu, also of Maidstone, has been charged with allegedly breaching a release order and aid and abet in flight.

All three suspects were in court on September 13th. Gabrielle Bell was released while Jeffrey Gervais and Steven VU were adjourned. Those two men will appear in court on September 16th and 20th, respectively.

The SUV and was later recovered in Calgary, and the investigation into this incident is ongoing.

The RCMP is thanking the public, calling the reports in the investigation a “great example of watching out for your community and neighbours” and reminds people they can call the police if something is out of the ordinary.

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