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What value is in a home inspection?

As a buyer, it is your job to do the necessary diligence required for you to be satisfied with your purchase. In the case of residential real estate, that would usually include a professional home inspection. I can stress the word ‘professional’ here, as some times a good friend, or family member just isn’t good enough. An individual with no credentials will not be able to give you a thorough report of all the functions of a house – including heating, electrical and plumbing.

Their opinion will also do no good when asking the seller to fix deficiencies that they may have come up with. I have been witness to some of these ‘family-friend’ inspections that haven’t lasted more than 10 minutes. Let’s be honest here, there has to be a better way to protect what is usually your largest purchase to date.

We are fortunate enough to have numerous credible inspection companies that service the Lloydminster region. These inspectors will diligently go through your future home with a keen eye and the proper tools to look for moisture problems, heat loss and gas leaks, just to name a few. They will comment on the type and amount of insulation present, test all plumbing and electrical fixtures, and ensure the heating components are not silently leaking carbon monoxide back into your home. When they are finished inspecting the property, they are more than happy to go through it with you and point out any necessary repairs needed now, or simply maintenance that will need done over time. Every house, even the new ones, will have a few things that can be improved.

I always tell my buyers that we won’t use the inspection report to beat up on a seller for a handful of little things, but we can certainly negotiate a repair based on safety concerns. These items can be electrical hazards, or a cracked heat exchanger on a furnace. For the everyday items like loose doorknobs or a wax ring on a toilet, they shouldn’t be significant enough to break a sale, but as a buyer you will at least know what you are getting before you complete the sale.

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As a seller, it can also be beneficial for you to have an inspection done on your property before going to market. This gives you a chance to correct any deficiencies that may arise before the buyer finds them. It can offer a buyer piece of mind, knowing that you have taken the effort to repair these items and give them a nice safe property. If there are some major repairs needed, you can take your time to find a qualified contractor to make the repairs on your dollar, rather than settling on the only one that can get the job completed before the proposed possession date.

In the course of a typical transaction, the inspection is an affordable option that should be considered a requisite. Don’t overlook the importance of this service, as it can either save you from purchasing a money pit, or ease your mind into knowing you have chosen a good home.

The value of that, I would say is priceless.

Mike Dewing – Your Local Real Estate Experts

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