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World Record holder visits border city

A Guinness World Record holder is currently visiting Lloydminster. American training expert, Ryan Moody, is in town to put on two of what he calls, his “explosive seminars,” both today and tomorrow, at Progressive Fitness.

Moody is known in the fitness community as “The Box Jumper,” as he holds 6-world records for jumping, one of which is for the highest standing box jump. He is also the only documented human to jump greater than their own height.

“So…from a standing position, meaning no walk-up, no running, my personal best was 65 inches, so 5’5″. But the highest I’ve ever jumped for record purposes was running, and that was  6 feet, or 72 inches. In practice, I’ve done 74 (inches) so 6’2”.

Moody explains his training focuses heavily on hip motion and control.

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“What we actually do, is we focus on everything hip-related. Your hips are your powerhouse. So the stronger and more powerful we can make you in your hips, the stronger and more powerful you are with your appendages. I teach them to be quicker with their hips, overall, more explosive… just having a lot more hip control… because as you know, as we age, when we start to lose control of our hips, the quality of life declines.”

Moody will also be meeting with the Lloydminster Bobcats and the Lakeland Rustlers men’s basketball team during his time in the border city as well. 

“When it comes to the sport-specific stuff, the beautiful thing about ‘explosive training’ is there’s only three pathways: so there’s jumping, there’s sprinting, and then there’s lifting weights. And when those are done properly, it allows you to just be able to jump higher; run faster; lift heavier,” explains Moody.

Lloydminster is the first Canadian city Moody has ever visited. From here, the world-renowned trainer will visit Grande Prairie and Unity for training sessions as well. 


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