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The beginning of your ultimate journey

Coach Kandal Limitless Fitness and Nutrition

We live in the ever-changing world of technology, where endless material is available to quench the need of instant knowledge by the quick stroke of a key on our mobile devices. Sometimes the endless information we have access to is overwhelming and the clear judgment that you had just 5 key strokes ago is now overcome by cloudiness and confusion.

If this is something that happens to you more times than others, maybe its time to sit down and make an action plan. Any successful person or business has always started with an action plan. Maybe you already have an action plan in place and have not been able to make it work in its entirety as of yet. If this is the case I have good news for you. It is possible and you can do anything you put your mind to. In the end it doesn’t matter if you would like to lose fat or gain muscle the action plans are going to be quite similar in their entireties.

The first step to acquiring your desired outcome is knowing where you want to go. Set your goals. What are they? Weight loss? Lean muscle? Sporting a bikini? Possibly a competition? Maybe its running a ½ marathon and you need to better condition your body to make it a little easier. Knowing what you want, is the first step in the process and the most important. You don’t plan a trip without knowing where your final destination is so don’t start this process without knowing how and where you want to end.

Secondly, Is your goal realistic? With the way images are airbrushed and the rise in selfies of fitness buffs on social media this can distort our image of what we deem to be our ideal end result or goal. Spend the time and really think about where your about to go and if it is realistic. Can you make the time? Can you find the resources needed to help you and or keep you on track?

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Thirdly, how will you measure this success? Making sure there is a way to measure your success is another way to ensure you are moving in the right direction. How will you measure it? There are quite a few different avenues. Lowered heart rate per minute, pounds lost, drop in body fat %, maybe shaving a few seconds off your last run or adding more weight to your lift.

The above three points are a great way to start the begging of your journey to the new you. Please keep following and checking back with Your Local Expert in the next following weeks for my next article on the “The little things matter”, or pop in and see us at Believe Fit for advice on supplements or on how to get started on your own journey.

Until next time!

Coach Kandal
Limitless Fitness and Nutrition

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